Frontech Computers

  • Area : 200 Sq. Ft.
  • Investment : Rs. 50,000 - Rs. 2,00,000
  • Category : Computer and Internet

FronTech immense success stems from their ability to innovate improve and constantly re-orient themselves propelling Jupiter International Ltd to remain at the rudder of this niche market. The innate culture Innovation and Commitment, coupled with positive co – existence among their Clients, Stakeholders and Business Partners to create a dynamic and fluid network of research and feedback which is ultimately benefited Consumers and Channel Partners.

FronTech, currently are associated with more than 45,000 dealers, re – sellers, distributors. Their Policies, Management and Strategies have proved to be the competent to keep them at the peak of the Peripherals Industry and IT Hardware. They have an Eminent Global IT Partners. Their vision is to be the leader of market in the Indigenous and Quality Manufacturing and Distribution of Brands of Global of Computer Hardware and products of Peripheral through an extensive Network of Channel.

About Us

Jupiter International Ltd an ISO 9001 Company was founded in the year 1978 under the dynamic entrepreneurship of Mr. Raj Kumar Goradia and now it has become one of the major Hardware of IT Catering House in India with having the flagship Brand of FronTech. It manufactures and imports a wide range of Computer Hardware products and has also engaged with the Distribution of exclusive IT Global Brands through which a very well established owns networks at all the Indian States. Since FronTech inception, it has been a pioneer in early Transformational innovation and Technology adaptation and has also more than 300 distinguished products that are integrated into a spectrum of categories of 45 products.


Total Investment :- Rs. 50,000 - Rs 2 Lacs

Area Required :- 200 Sq. Ft.

  • As an Investor, you will have the unique Franchise opportunity while achieving your financial goals at the same time. We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.
  • The innate culture of Commitment and Innovation, coupled with positive co-existence among our Clients, Business Partners and Stakeholders creates a dynamic and fluid network of feedback and research which ultimately benefit Channel Partners and Consumers. 
  • Currently we are associated with more than 45000 dealers, distributors, and re-sellers. 
  • Our Policies, Strategies, and Management have proved to be competent at keeping us at the peak of the IT Hardware and Peripherals Industry.

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