The Brew Master

  • Area : 3500-10,000
  • Investment : Rs. 2 Cr - Rs. 5 Cr
  • Category : Cafeteria

1st Chain of Microbreweries in India, envisaging to reach out to the Beer Connoisseurs, by paving its path through Franchisee Model, in a Win Win Scenario.

UNA Hotels, a sister concern, is a Complete Hotel Management Solution Company, with a Focus on the mid market segment of 4-3 star hotels, Catering to both business and leisure travel.

Providing Partner Hotels & Restaurants with unique proprietary applications, policies and procedures, optimized occupancy, revenues while maximizing financial returns.

About Us

We Endeavor to offer Hospitality and Services that cater to Individual Desires’ but yet are Affordable. This Spirit has come define the Philosophy behind our Brands.

We forayed into Hospitality 5 years ago with a Mircro-Brewery unit at Ludhiana and a Hotel at Amritsar.Today we stand humbly at 5 Units & 31 Hotels Strong, yet Our Journey has Only Begun.

Our latest ventures include ‘BrewMaster Hospitality’, a B2B company solely focused at catering to the needs of Main Line &Micro-Brewing industry.

Our Identity is defined by the Cradle of Innovation and Perseverance we were Born in and continue to grow from. As we Grow, we continue to take along with us those who have Toiled alongside us in our Units, Offices, Projects and Factories and also those who have benefited from our Social Responsibility Efforts.


Total Investment :- 1 Cr. - 5 Cr.

Area Required :- 3,000 Sq. Ft. - 5,000 Sq. Ft.


Micro Brewery

Plant designing/ Customization to Franchisee Needs of various brewing capacities.

Sourcing, Supplying, installation & commissioning the Plant.

Fully automatic / Semi-automatic plants (SCADA/ HMI)

European plant / Indian Plant / Assembled (As per demand).

Vendor’s introduction and certifications and coordination Backup & AMC Support

Brewer/ Manpower: Sourcing & Replacement

Sourcing/Handling/ Managing: Raw Materials, Malts, Hops & Yeast

Marketing: strategies and solutions.

Calculating/ Monitoring / Planning/ Controlling Beer: Pricing, Costing, Excise, Brewing Costs, Menu, Process stages, Wear & Tear of Plant, Process Gases/ Wastes/ Yeast/ Spent Grain.

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